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This section pertains to anything from Anime/Manga to KAT-TUN to Jrock/Jpop to new Asian Dramas. Enjoy ~~

-Kami and Yeito

o.o What the ? A ninja ? >_> No... It's just new stuff.


Ok, Yeah, the FMA movie is coming to America and is being shown in Theatres on August 25th[ WTF ?!? 5 DAYS FROM NOW ??! o_o Woah ] Yeah o.o It's weird. Here's the schedule for all you fans :

Go see it, I bet it'll be good ;D Support the anime folks.



China has officially banned all foreign programming from the hours of 5-8pm o_o; All anime and Amercian [?!?!?!] shows too, like The Simpsons. o_o; Damn.

This info. was stolen from AnimenewsNetwork - Good job guys. Suppling information for all of us less fortunate anime fans xD!~



Ok, most of you anime fans already know this, but Adult Swim is airing the animes : Bleach and Trinity Blood on

SEPTEMBER 9, 2006 at 12am [Eastern] 11pm [Central ].... So yeah. o.o Catch them. Please remember~ Both of these are good o_o; I promise. I mean, come one, Vampires and Shinigami ? What's NOT to like ;D?