Kamenashi Kazuya Gallery~

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~Kamenashi Kazuya~

Just like Yeito has her Jin gallery, I have my Kame-sama Gallery ^_^; I have a lot as well, so bear with us until we can make a cooler looking section.


Kame in a Yukata [/angstyface]

Sunflowers =D

Smexy >_> [ This is one of my Favorites ToT;]

Cute Smile ^^

Purple looks good on him <.<

Oh, you know you like it ;D

Sweaty = Smexy

AHH ! School Uniform-ish-ness :D

=3 Nya ~?

Kawaii !~

Shirt-lessu <__<

Black and White o_o ~

I like this Pic ^^;

Kame,...a construction worker ? o_o....So cute..