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Welcome to the page of pictures of Jin and Kame ... in the same picture. o_o; (like you didn't already know that I'm sure ...)

I realize there are not that many pictures on here yet, but I'm working hard to find more! If anyone has some that aren't up here please feel free to send them to us. :) It would be most appreciated. But when we find more we will update, promise! Until then, enjoy whats here. ^-^


Lookin smexy :3

Shirtless. And happy. Thats all we need.


.... ::refrains from making a 'monkey business' joke:: r_r;

Kame what happen... I mean a lovely picture as always.

*pouty face* x3

Double scoop of yummeh

What? Don't look at me like that! I just found it and put it up here. Don't judge me when you know you like it. e_e+

Relaxation ~

Yay! Random group pic!