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UPDATE : 8/10/06

 As you can see I added some captions. Seeing as it is 1 am they are probably very stupid captions. So... I'm sorry. But at least they're there. o_o;;;

 They pictures will always be smexy though. :3

He just stares... and you just... melt...

..... dam lucky flower >_>

T-T ~

This is one of my favorite pics of Jin.His hair is just so... so... mmmmm

. . . ::is to enamored by the jin-ness to think of a comment::

Don't you wish you could be sitting next to him?

Dam lucky puppy!!! T-T~

Jin + a dash of sand = teh smex

Hey. D: I'd help him keep warm on a wintry night. >.> Hot coacoa does wonders for the soul...

Angst. Nuff said.

I don't trust myself to make a decently-rated comment for this picture ::mops up puddle of drool:: Sorry.

::holds hand out for the rose:: T.T

Lookin fine in a suit D:

The umbrella is invisible to idicate that even rain cannot mar Jin's beauty.

Omg. Piggys T-T~ And a chibified Jin!!!

This is just too cute for words.



Lol. Walk the walk.

Yes, Jin, we know you're sexy.

Doesn't it look like he's saying something like "Welcome home dear <3 ~ " ?

Where is the lock? I must know >.>

So sweet ~