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About us : Kami and Yeito

Well. This is a temporary fansite for the Japanese band, KAT-TUN. Well, more specifically, Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin. I will make this website pretty, I promise ~!

 -Kami and Yeito



Added a News Section ;D Applies for anime/manga/KAT-TUN



Yeito added captions to her Jin Gallery~ Check them out ^_^

-Kami and Yeito 


NEW KAME GALLERY ~ He's so cute TwT ~


P.S. a new Review section... but not as cute as the gallery XD


If anyone would like to contact us for any reason pertaining to adding information to the site, or helping us make the site better, then please feel free to use the Email link below. No Spam please x_x;


-Kami and Yeito