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Well, as you can see, this is the review site for the random anime, manga, and drama shows that we may watch. We like to give your opinion on things like this so that others may better know of this stuff. ^^ Enjoy.

 -Kami and Yeito

Goong [Princess Hours]

Ok o.o Goong [otherwise known as Princess Hours] is a Korean drama show that aired this past year. There are 24 episodes, and there is talk of a second season coming up : Goong 2.


I was totally hooked from the beginning of the series. XD! I really enjoyed this, and the ending was good too. The middle episodes got a little tough to watch through, because, if you're like me, you get impatient and tired of all the twists and turns this drama makes you go through. The acting was pretty good in my opinion. The two main characters did a fantastic job, especially the girl who played Chaegyung and the boy who played Lee Shin. This was their first work by the way~

Overall, I really liked it. It's based on a "what if" the Korean Royals had lived and what would happen in the future [modern society]. Chaegyung is a regular girl, and Lee Shin is the Crown Prince [ Classice ManWha~] This is actually based on a Manwha by Park So Hee ^_^; Lol. Anywho I give this a A- [ Because I got so annoyed at it in the middle and MADE myself finish it. ] Anyone who has that problem, just stick it out till episode 23. I promise. It is DEFINATLY worth your while.

Here is the site to which I leeched ^^; :

Please Enjoy,


Rozen Maiden: Traumend

Rozen Maiden: Traumend [ The second season from Rozen Maiden ] :

Totally Awesome Series. Honestly I liked the first season better because it seemed to me that they explained the Story a lot more fluently. In this one it was a tad spastic and rushed.  I am absolutly in love with this series, and I suggest you find and watch it.

Out of the music, I personally liked the Opening and Ending of Traumend better, and I'm totally in love with Hikari no Rasenritsu, the ending for Traumend. Here's a German site for the bittorrent for both : Opening et Endings (Lien torrent) - Mangas-arigatou

-- In slightly related news, I hear that the reason why the second season was spatic at the end and cut short was because the animators where informed of a Thrid Season !?!!?! Yes. Let's hold our excitment in. :D !!! [ /excited]


Aquarian Age: The Movie

Aquarian Age: The Movie [ Saga II ]

Maybe it was me not seeing the anime series of this, but I felt it was a slight waste of time. The music was at best, a B, and the plot was not that compelling. It was short, and very simple. At the end of the movie, I felt I had just seen a commercial of sorts.

I read the manga series Juvenile Orion and the animation and art was top-cnotch, it was just the plot's slowness that annoyed me. Overall, I give the movie itself a C-. The box has some rare Aquarian Age cards, which personally, I would buy because the art on the cards are so good ! They are from main artists like Koge Donbo, Azumi Tohru, and others. If you are interested in Trinkets and Keychains, then I would get the box.


Elemental Gelade [ Eremeter Gerade ]

Elemental Gelade [ Erementer Gerade ] 

 Don't you just love the translations ?! Lol. Anywho, I really enjoyed the first episode of this anime. I would personally watch this dubbed because I am in love with the dude who does Cou's voice. ^_^ It's a twist between Yuuri [ Kyou Kara Maoh!] and Ed [Full Metal Alchemist]. He did a really good job. One the best I have personally ever seen. The opening was really good, though the ending left much to be desired.

My only pet peeve with this is the way the main herione acted. Other than that, the plot was pretty predictable, yet it was pushed forward with Cou's determination. It was an enjoyable episode, and I expect much from this series.


InuYasha 4: Fire on the Mystic Island

Well... The world has made it to the fourth Inu Yasha movie: Fire on the Mystic Island. To be honest, I don't know whats up with the name. Yes... there was "fire". And Yes... there was a "Mystic Island". But "Fire on the Mystic Island" just doesn't... make sense. A better name would have been something like "Mark of the Four War Gods" or "Forbidden Island of the Gods".

 Anyway. Enough about the title. On to the actual movie. As far as presentation of art and music it give them both A+++. The art was extremely fluid, and the color was very impressive. And the music was top notch too. Although it usually is in the InuYasha movies.

As far as the actual storyline went... it was pretty good. For a filler. It had nothing to do with the main plot of InuYasha whatsoever ((although most movies dont. The 2nd and 3rd ones did though. THOSE were great movies.)) But it was an interesting story. For the most part. It was basically about how these four war gods had commandeered this island of halfdemons, and anyone with their mark couldn't leave the island. They were using the halfdemons to sustain their energy and forms until they could get back their power jewels.

As for characters, the main badguy ((Ryura)) was freaking hott. I mean awesome. o_o; >_> Freaking awesome. Even though he was a really bad guy. Like a, "Oh look at that I just killed a child. Oh well. They're like flies." type of bad. But he was cool. The other three were just WEIRD. And one was gay. They didnt actually say he was gay but when a guy has long flowy marroon hair, purple lipstick, and talks like that... adjectives arent needed. And of course the gay one was obsessed with Sesshomaru. The little kids in the movie were so cute. I take that back. The twins were cute. I didn't like the main girl - Asagi (such a lil girl whore >.>) - and the other three were just kinda there. But the twins were awesome.

Ok. To be honest, my regard for the Inuyasha series as a whole is extremely low. So before I sat down to watch this movie I told myself: No cracking jokes! And I tried. I really did. But the movie just took care of itself in that aspect most of the time. It bothered me that InuYasha and the others couldn't defeat the four war gods until AFTER they became "invinsible". Shouldn't it be the other way around? And Sesshomaru was just so freaking awesome and powerful he put the rest of the characters to shame. They may as well just call it "Sesshomaru". Not "InuYasha".

So over all I give this movie a B. Simple because the art was good, the mainbadguy was hott, and Sesshomaru kicked some major tail. (no pun intended) If you wish to see this movie you can buy/rent it from your local video store. Viz has officially released it. There were some parts that give a good laugh ((because they were so stupid or cheesey, not because they were meant to be funny)) so its not a complete waste of time. Besides. Its InuYasha.