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Information D:

Obviously. . . This is the "Information" page. e.e; (This is Yeito btw o_o)

We will eventually get as much information as possible about our beloved Akame and their fellow band members. It wouldn't be KAT-TUN without all of them would it? It'd be something like. . . KA-TU or KT-TN . . . Wow that would suck. -_-; So we will be putting them all up. There's just the question of priority. o_o+

Since we're in the middle of building and constructing please have patience with us. :D The more time we have the better we can make it!!! <3 <3

Well. After careful deliberation, we have decided to make this a sort-of..."general" website pertaining to the random things that go in and out of style. As you can see, the heart of this is about the band KAT-TUN, but there are other pages as well-- Like the reviews page, which I encourage to take a peek at ^^ Thanks.

-Kami and Yeito

~* Akame *~

Akame is the nickname given to the duo of the main singers from the band KAT-TUN: (Ak)anishi Jin and K(ame)nashi Kazuya.

Our ony reason being that Kami's favorite = Kame and my favorite = Jin. ^_^

 But we love all the other members of KAT-TUN as well. :3 Therefore we promise to give much attention to all. Thanks very much. D: